Monday, 28 May 2012

Pillow Talk: Prarthna Singh

 Prarthna Singh, out and about in Bombay's hip neighbourhood, Bandra, wearing her POPLIN Grace Nightshirt 

Prarthna is a young fine art photographer, speciailising in fashion. She is based in Bombay's most dynamic suburb, Bandra where little galleries, yoga houses and pop-up projects are emerging in what was traditionally a Catholic suburb, rich with Portugese influences, charming gingerbread houses and whitewashed stucco churches peppering the seafront. 

Prarthna, or P Singh to her friends, isn't just any other fashionable girl with a camera: she studied at the world-famous Rhode Island School of Design and is fast developing an idiosyncratic photographic style.  

Explore Prarthna's blog, The PIcture Book here

Tell us what's getting you excited in India fashion right now? 
Honestly, so much! In the past year I have seen and shot with such a great mix of designers.
It's really interesting to see a strong Indian aesthetic blend with a touch of western minimalism.
We have some serious young blood with great ideas- look to the likes of We The People.

I also feel like there could be no better time for all of it to be coming together for us. We have a well informed consumer and with a bunch of tastefully curated stores- like Le Mill and Bombay Electric in Bombay, Maison in Bangalore and some great stand-alone designer studio shops in Delhi's Hauz Khas village, I'd say things are looking pretty good.

If you could photograph anyone in the world, living or dead, who would you choose? 
Jim Morrison and Elvis would definitely be on top of my (very long) list. I'd happily be a groupie and travel across the world with them. 

We're all about the beauty sleep at POPLIN... Are you an owl or a lark? Late sleeper? Early riser?...
I think I'm slowly moving towards being a lark. Till my college years I was most definitely an owl, but now I enjoy the mornings so much more and an early morning yoga session really is the best.

Dream collector? Or morning amnesiac? 
Dream collector for sure. Oh! and the adventures I've been on in my dreams have been pretty extraordinary. 

If you weren't a photographer you would be...? 
I'd love to be an illustrator and paint on walls and make people's homes look better.

Pet hate? Tubelights
Guilty pleasure? Milka

What's you best quality? Making friends
Your secret vice? I can be terribly lazy

Favourite thing to... 
- Cook in your pyjamas? Chai [spiced Indian tea] and breakfast sandwiches.
- Read in your pyjamas? Photo books. Current obsession -Alec Aoth's Fashion Magazine. 
- Listen to in your pyjamas? At the moment some Hot Chip+DeVotchKa and Ankur Tewari.

Originally from Delhi, you live in Bombay, your parents live in China and you studied in the US at RISD- so quite the globetrotter... 
- What's your top pampering tip for stepping off a long haul flight without looking like Frankenstein? 
Rose Water and catching up on lots of sleep thanks to my pillow and eye mask-the best travel companions.

- Best hotel bed you've ever slept in? Rambagh Palace, Jaipur
- Dream destination? A trip down the Amazon
- Top travel essentials you always pack A sketch pad, some good tunes, a collection of sunglasses and my POPLIN night shirt.

POPLIN Grace Nightshirt £85.00

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