Tuesday 6 May 2014

Pillow Talk: Sophie Paget Steavenson

Sophie wearing Pink Neon Classic PJs 

Sophie Paget Steavenson is the pretty face and brilliant brains behind dreamy, ethical beachwear label- Beach Candy. We stole her away from her beloved, one-eyed, Bombay rescue-cat Moshe for a little pillow talk.... 

POPLIN designs are inspired by the style of iconic women, often from the '50s and '60s like Bardot and Ingrid Bergman, as well as contemporary icons like Iris Apfel. If you could dip into  anyone's wardrobe, past or present, whose would you choose? 

Talitha Getty or Brigitte Bardot would both have had incredibly inspiring wardrobes full of beautiful bikinis and kaftans. 

What's on your wishlist from POPLIN?

The Daisy Cotton Shorts Set – I just adore them, they’re perfect for bedtime or pool-time. 

We're all about the beauty sleep at POPLIN... Are you an owl or a lark? Late sleeper? Early riser? 

I am most definitely a lark but at times a reluctant owl...

Favourite thing to... 

- Cook in your pyjamas? 

Scrambled eggs on buttery Marmite toast with avocado 

- Read in your pyjamas? 

I’m currently reading Life after Life by Kate Atkinson

- Listen to in your pyjamas? 

I love the radio on whilst reading the Sunday papers 

Pet hate? 

Nail picking / biting / eating

Guilty pleasure? 

Chocolate / Cigarettes / Wine / Sunbathing – the list goes on and on...

Super power? 

I’m very bendy! (Can put my legs behind my head and other equally useful things like that)

Best hotel bed you've ever slept in? 

It’s a tough one to choose but the Six Senses Lamuu in Maldives is right up there.

Dream destination? 

Istanbul is next on my list

Top travel essentials you always pack? 

1. Bardot Classic PJs with pink neon trim – they’re so comfy and the perfect pair for mooching about in. 

2. A Beach Candy scarf dress that can be flung over a bikini from beach to bar. 

3. Eye Mask 

4. Cosy jumper or scarf for cold evenings or a flight