Monday 2 June 2014

Pillow Talk: Lucy Will Show You

The sophisticated creator of insider style guide "Lucy Will Show You", interior design guru and hotel bed connoisseur, Lucy Freedman is our latest Pillow Talk pin-up... 

POPLIN designs are inspired by the style of iconic women; if you could dip into anyone's wardrobe, past or present, whose would you choose? 

Well, I am a very lucky girl and get to dip into my late grandmother's wardrobe daily. Whether it's a piece of jewellery, shirt, clutch or dress, I pretty much wear something of hers daily. I also love Diane Kruger- that woman has enough Chanel to last a lifetime. 

What's on your wishlist from POPLIN? 

We are all about the beauty sleep at POPLIN. Are you an owl or a lark? Late sleeper? 
Early riser? 

I seem to wake up at about 11am ready for a few hours at my macbook. As soon as I'm home by 6pm I'm straight into my Gatsby's. 

Favourite thing to... 
- Cook in your pyjamas? 
Breakfast for dinner

- Read in your pyjamas? 
A giant stack of American design mags and colour supplements that I save up from all the hotels I visit.

- Listen to in your pyjamas? 
I'm a huge Soundcloud user at the moment. I love finding remixes of all my favourite sons and making new playlists. 

Pet hate? 

I can't sit next to noisy eaters. Cereal is not easy for me in the mornings. 

Guilty pleasure? 

The hotel reviews I am invited to write for my website. Every one feels like an indulgence. I'm so lucky. 

Super power? 

In real life, I am good at remembering visuals. But my dream super power would be to add and subtract hours to the day. Depending on my mood... 

"Nightcap" of choice?


Best hotel bed you've ever slept in? 

Viceroy, New York last week (and I've been asked this a few times. This time, as I was lying there, I thought, nope, this is it. This is really it.) 

Most decadent hotel breakfast? 

JK Place Florence, but also a little closer to home would be CUT at 45 Park Lane. Full of men having their power breakfasts, but man they know how to create the most visually beautiful breakfast in London. I asked for a side of avocado and it came glazed and decorated in the most beautiful petals. Crazy. 

Dream destination? 

At the moment, Marrakesh. My dream destinations are usually sparked by hotels which have caught my eye... 

Top travel essentials you always pack? 

With the aid of a killer luggage system, courtesy of Smythson and Globetrotter, I'm getting better at this now. First in is what I'll want on the other side, so... 
- my monogrammed Classic Gatsby PJs 
- Tea Bags 
- Chargers 
- Travel blanket