Thursday, 26 July 2012

Pillow Talk with Rosie Fortescue

POPLIN snuggled up for some pillow talk with girl about town Rosie Fortescue... 

We got to know your great sense of style on MIC and you have now launched your own fashion blog, At Fashion Forte, clearly you're a girl who's serious about her clothes. If you could have anyone's wardrobe, whose would you choose? 
Without a doubt Olivia Palermo's. She always looks absolutely perfect! Miranda Kerr is also my kind of girl at the moment, due to her leather trousers obsession- quite like mine actually!

What's on your wishlist from POPLIN? 
I have just got the gold and black stripe Marlene pyjama set which is beautiful. The natural, breathable silk means it's ideal to wear in bed in almost any weather!

POPLIN Marlene Shorts Set 

We're all about the beauty sleep at POPLIN... Are you an owl or a lark? Late sleeper? Early riser?... 
At the moment I've got into the habit of staying up late working when I've been out all day, however I do like the odd early night. The one thing I am good at too is early rises!

Dream collector? Or morning amnesiac?
 I've been dreaming quite a lot recently (from what I can remember!). Most of them have been nightmares which isn't ideal, but at least with my Poplin pyjamas I have a comfortable sleep!

In five years time you'd like to be...? 
Working for myself still and hopefully have developed my blog At Fashion Forte into a brand.

Pet hate? People who are late.
Guilty pleasure?  Peanut butter ice cream.

What's you best quality? I am very thorough with most things in life, from always being on time, to being tidy!
Your secret vice? Buying jewellery.

Favourite thing to... 
- Cook in your pyjamas? English breakfast
- Read in your pyjamas? Vogue
- Listen to in your pyjamas? Adele

With the Olympics around the corner, London is set to have lots and lots of visitors. As a local girl, can you share a few secret addresses?
 Bluebird on the Kings Road is an absolute must for brunch. I suggest eggs benedict and chips, followed by going to the Shop at Bluebird. It stocks lots of my favourite designers and is a beautiful shop to browse and to buy interesting fashion magazines in.

- Best hotel bed you've ever slept in? Costes in Paris
- Dream destination? New York
Top travel essentials you always pack
 My Poplin pyjamas, my camera for blogging, raybans and my iPad.

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